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Gay is Not A Disease Stamp by xXPariahsXx Gay is Not A Disease Stamp by xXPariahsXx
EDIT 2/13/2014

Hey guys. It's been a while since I've been on this site... >_>; Anyway, thanks so much for all the support. It's really appreciated. I just wanted to clarify something, because people keep bringing it up...

The statement in the stamp is supposed to mean that being gay shouldn't be treated like the plague. THAT DOES NOT MEAN that I'm referring to the ill as "inhuman." Seriously? There is a difference between targeting the diseased rather than the disease itself. A good portion of the world has cancer, does that mean we should love the cancer itself? No. We love the people who are infected and fighting against it. That goes for any other form of illness.

Diseases can be horrible, and can rob us of our loved ones with their lives/mentalities. Homosexuality/Bisexuality aren't diseases, but they can divide people just as hard and cruelly as a true sickness can because people treat them as such.

I'm sorry if you were offended, but know that my intent was never to insult anyone.

Thanks for the continuing support everyone. It's just a stamp, but at least it gives a little message.

Never stop fighting to be with the one you truly love or help others do so. :heart:


I'm going to disable the comments, just so there's no more snarky remarks. Thank you to those who shared your personal stories and experiences. Hats off to you.
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January 14, 2010
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